Important Features to Look For in an Account ECN

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5ZPmVFC - Important Features to Look For in an Account ECN

The forex market is traded on electronic communication networks (ECN). These are the hubs where commercial banks, hedge funds, and other liquidity providers trade forex.

Traders who trade on ECN get access to real-time prices from all those liquidity providers. This allows them to find the best bid and ask price for their orders, while avoiding requotes.


Liquidity is the ability of a security or asset to be exchanged for cash quickly and without affecting its market price. For companies, liquidity is essential because it helps to pay off bills and debts quickly.

Businesses that have a strong history of generating cash often have high liquidity. They may also have assets that are easily converted into cash, such as stocks or ETFs.

In accounting, liquidity ratios are a good way to gauge a company’s financial health. They measure the current, quick and cash ratios of a business, which can be used to track its cash flow, determine its financial position and make strategic decisions about financing.

Traders who want to trade on an account ECN will benefit from the liquidity that the system provides. It enables them to access prices from different liquidity providers, reduces spreads and offers lower commissions than market-making brokers.


Speed is an important feature to look for in an account ECN. It helps you execute trades quickly, enabling you to trade during market hours as well as after-hours.

In addition, it helps you to avoid high slippages. This is especially relevant when you trade scalping, a strategy that involves trading large volumes in short time frames.

This is because an ECN matches your orders with others, ensuring that you are always matched at the best available price. However, this does not necessarily mean that the prices you see are the same as they were when you first placed your order.

Because of this, you should always read your broker’s terms and conditions before trading with them. They may prohibit certain types of trading or charge access fees that can significantly increase your trading costs.


Convenience refers to any procedure, product or substance that enables the user to save time, effort and/or energy. Examples include automobiles, a labor-saving device or service that allows people to travel more quickly and easily between locations.

ECN trading is a type of trading where you trade through an electronic communications network (ECN). It’s a market place with liquidity from different clients, including banks and other market traders.

One of the major benefits of trading through an ECN is that you can find lower bids and higher ask prices. This is because there’s no’middleman’ in the market.

An account ECN will match your orders, execute them and charge you only the commission, which does not have to be a premium on the raw spread. This contrasts with a standard account, where a broker manages your account and artificially charges a premium spread to profit from the execution.


There is no denying that ECN trading can be a very cost-effective way to trade, particularly if you are a day trader. However, there are some important considerations that need to be made when choosing an account ECN broker.

Firstly, ECN spreads are not usually fixed. This is because liquidity providers may change their prices at any time.

Furthermore, an ECN broker will also charge a commission for opening and closing a trade. The fee depends on your account equity and the monthly trading volume.

Traders who are not familiar with this type of trading should consider using a demo account to get a feel for the platform. This will help them understand how the fee structure works. It will also allow them to see how the fees compare with other brokers on the market.