4 300x169 - FOREX HEDGING AND SCALPER EXPERT ADVISORA forex hedging expert advisor is a trading software used by investors or forex traders to minimize trade losses in the forex market. This trading mechanism is mostly used by forex traders in the prevention of an undesirable move in an existing or estimated position of a currency exchange rate  thereby limiting losses. This expert advisor prevents losses by protecting an ongoing long trade from encountering a downside risk while protecting a short trade from an interior forex market risk.

In the process of using a hedge expert advisor, it automatically cancels an activated hedge trade if the placed trade moves towards a winning direction but if seen to move towards a losing direction, the hedge trade is automatically activated thereby preventing losses. It is seen as a substitute for stop loss and can be utilized to have buy and sell positions at the same time. This EA reduces drawdowns by bolting in losing positions until they get back to winning positions, it also converts a losing trade into a winning trade by a method of hedging and increases winning positions dramatically.


  1. The use of a hedge forex expert advisor is used by forex traders to facilitate their trades. This software has the ability to initiate a hedge trade robotically and manage the trades based on set forex trading strategy of a forex trader at all hours of the day without being tired. It gives forex traders room to take care of other matters and prevents them from sitting in front of a system at all times.


  1. The use of a forex hedging expert advisor gives forex traders the ability to eliminate the need of placing hedge trade orders manually, removes the stress of calculating the accurate stop loss, and reduce the probability of being stuck in computer screen for a long period of time. The software automatically takes care of all these without the direct participation of the forex trader.


  1. A forex hedging expert advisor has the capacity of opening hedge orders for an existing trade order with features of a higher lot size and results to a trade group beating the take up profit at all times. In situations when the original forex trade reaches a precise loss point, a hedge forex expert advisor can open a hedge trade thereby eliminating the possibility of encountering losses.


Forex scalper expert advisor is a forex trading software that forex traders and investors use to buy a particular currency pair and hold onto it for a short period of time with the sole drive of making huge profits. This trading platform is used by traders to make a good number of trades while earning small profits at intervals that eventually lead to huge returns. It automatically initiates trades while making a reasonable amount of profits in a traders account. A scalper exporter advisor is known for its durability, reliability, good functionality and regular profit developer without lengthy drawdowns.

The use of a forex scalper expert advisor gives forex traders the ability to estimate the proper situation to open a forex trade while functioning in its best capacity to close all trades in profits. This software is characterized with providing adequate forex trading security in such a way that a losing trade is automatically stopped at the percentage a forex trader is ready to risk and takes away human emotions from a trade completely.



The main advantage of using a forex scalper is its ability to develop huge profits while utilizing small price changes. This range of profit can be achieved by placing a good number of trades that varies from 10-100 in a single day and the EA automatically multiplies profits by utilizing small price changes. To achieve this, the expert advisor makes use of effective exit trading strategy to avoid huge losses while compounding small amount of profits to large returns. This forex trading platform makes use of small price profits from holding on the trade for a limited time where its main purpose is to buy and sell a huge number of currencies at the bid or ask price while making small profits by increasing its value by a little percentage.


A forex scalper expert advisor provides an easy trading system for forex traders. It requires no form programming skills nor previous knowledge on the use of the platform. It is a trading software that is convenient for both beginner and expert traders. This software has the capacity to automate trades without the participation of the forex trader. All that is required from the trader is to install the software, select the preferred trading strategy and set the percentage risk allowed. It is basically very easy to use and operate.