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A Foolish Adventure... in MONEY! - Income, Life Insurance, Saving, Debt, Investing, Retiring, Estate Planning

A Foolish Adventure… in MONEY!

by Tom

We all have a few things we love to learn, listen, and talk about.  For me, it’s personal finance, business, and airplanes.

So, how could I turn down Tim Conley’s invitation to talk about money and personal finance on his Foolish Adventure Podcast? I couldn’t!

Listen to Tim interviewing me about personal finance and the “why” behind money. I think you’ll find our conversation different from the typical information, fact, and how-to talks about money found all over the internet.

In other words, I think you’ll gain some powerful perspective for your own personal financial philosophies and beliefs!

Listen to the podcast… and “enjoy your Foolish Adventure.”  (that quote will make sense if you listen to this and Tim’s other podcasts).  



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